Brainy Day FAQs

2022: The Year of Big Changes

Brainy Day has 15 years of history in Nunica, first as a 5K then as a 5 & 10K. It became a staple event in the area with many runners supporting the hydrocephalus fundraising by signing up year after year. While 2022 brings new ownership of the event, a new venue and a new additional distance, we (Tris4Health) want to provide answers to many questions you may have.

What happened to the old venue?

Since it’s inception, Brainy Day was held on private property. As the event grew, the logistics of that became more challenging each year necessitating a new venue at Mosquito Creek Trails.

Who is Tris4Health?

Tris4Health has been producing and directing two of Michigan’s largest independent events for the last decade, Grand Rapids Triathlon and Michigan Titanium. Tris4Health has since expanded and are adding select new and existing running and gravel events across Michigan.

What happened to the Brainy Day Fund?

The Brainy Day Fund as a charitable entity will no longer exist going forward. The Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation of Michigan will be the new recipient of our charitable giving, continuing the work of the Brainy Day Fund.

Is Veronica Constantine, the Brainy Day founder, still involved?

Veronica has been working closely with Tris4Health to ensure that the event is able to continue and thrive into the future and for a smooth transfer of ownership. She will still be volunteering, participating and working to have a positive impact on the lives of those affected by hydrocephalus.

Can you still race both the 5k & 10k?

With the new venue at Mosquito Creek, we are able to offer a 10 mile distance instead of runners racing the 5K & 10K back-to-back.

Registration is now open for the Brainy Day Trail Run!. This event will be held at Mosquito Creek Trails in Twin Lakes/Muskegon on Saturday, August 20, 2022. For any questions about this event, please contact us here.